Have no doubts about acupuncture. It, as well as the other applied techniques, have zero health risks.  


1 - I have never tried acupuncture. Does it hurt?


It is virtually painless if the person treating you is a professional.

Furthermore, both Natural and Japanese acupuncture manipulate very few points so that the body knows where to focus.

And if you're still not convinced, there are techniques to correct phobias (including the needles) which can be implemented before trying acupuncture.


2  - Are the needles reused?


No! Absolutely not. All materials are single use only and discarded after each session.

My clinic meets all health and safety guidelines and guarantees.


3 - I suffer from allergies. Are there risks of allergic reactions?


All materials are hypoallergenic.


4 - Are there any side effects?


One of the main benefits of both acupuncture and natural therapies like Reflexokinesia is the lack of side effects which are so common in allopathic drugs.


5 - How many sessions will I need?


This depends on the person, their age, how long they've lived with the problem, their history, lifestyle and their objectives.

Normally an assessment is made in the first session and treatment is done that same day.

value. ​quality care. convenience.



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