happy clients

Thes best gift without no doubt, is to see the result of your work translated into health.

Here you can find a few of the experiences of some of my clients which whom I have had the pleasure of helping. Thank you for trusting in me.

  • "Iba directa al quirófano para ser operada de hernia discal. Llevaba 2 meses con unos dolores fortísimos sin poder hacer mi vida normal. En poco tiempo con Patricia se me quitaros los dolores. Y no han vuelto. Ahora camino perfectamente y me he evitado una operación." (M.J Rubio 70 años. Madrid)

  • "Tras el embarazo sufrí de ciática muy fuerte y casi no me podía mover y en 2 sesiones se me quitó por completo. En la primera ya estaba mucho mejor y con la segunda quedé como si nunca hubiese tenido nada. Nunca hubiese imaginado que podían funcionar tan bien estas terapias alternativas, a partir de entonces una nueva perspectiva se abrió para mi y siempre la recomiendo. Gracias Patricia." (Elena Rodriguez. 36 años. Madrid)

Camino Histories

Not long ago, I was working, helping pilgrims along the Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain.

The pilgrims arrived fatigued and in many cases with injuries caused along the way.

The scope of these techniques will never cease to amaze me.

These are some of their experiences and the impressions they left on me will remain with me forever.


An unforgettable journey. Thank you.

"Hola Patricia! :D


 I'm so sorry about the late reply, but I simply wasn't able to find the time (and internet access)to get around it. With that being said, I want to say a 1000 thanks to you! You saved my leg and my Camino! When I got to you I couldn't walk another step more. It was so painful and I had been walking on my leg for way to long. 

But what you did to it fixed it! It was magic! From I started walking that day it got better and better! I took 2 days of rest in a small town a few days before Santiago. I still had trouble, but it was SO much better. By the time I got to Santiago and finished my Camino my leg was almost back to normal.

So thank you so much again! :D You really did save my Camino! 


It was a very intence experiance to get the healing. Nothing like I've tried before. Espeacially the energy flows. That made some wierd things happen inside me. Very interesting! :)

I hope you are well and are having a good time in Spain :) 


Big Hugs."


Nicolai Reinhold.


"Hi Patricia:


Well you can see from the picture that we finished the Camino, hobbling a little as we made our way to Santiago.


The treatment you gave me certainly fixed the problem that we identified. However the discomfort seemed to want to move around the foot and there were many times that I said, "Where is that Patricia?  I need her."  But thank you for being where you were that day. You did a very very good job for me and we will never forget you.


I have copied daughter Liz's website for you and her email.  I know you two are kindred spirits and perhaps you can have a virtual friendship.


I know you are doing a very good service to the walkers. We walkers  are very fortunate to have you there.


All the best wishes to you Patricia and again, thank you for your healing head and heart."



Janet and Fred.