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The society in which we live often does not allow us to devote even an hour of our precious time.

Rushes, meetings, stress, pressure, anxiety attacks, are words that I know very well, and for this, I decided to specialize in treating anxiety and stress and as a result, changes in emotional states, with ups and downs as euphoria and gloom or discouragement, and that result in many cases insomnia, fatigue and exhaustion, irritability, indigestion ... This is why I propose to stop and listen to your body, make yourself aware that to function well, perform 100% on your work and your private life, you must be physically and mentally healthy and balanced.

With acupuncture and other natural techniques I can help you regain that balance. You only have to want to regain that calmness, start taking care of yourself and feel great.

I hope to help you!

How do I work?


I work primarily with acupuncture, kinesiology, structural percutor and polarity therapy.

Depending on the pathology of each person, I use one technique or another, even sometimes a mix, which usually gives very good results.



Each day, acupuncture is reaching greater acceptance among the people of Western countries, who have found within it, different ways to approach health with effective and fast results.


Endorsed and recognized by the World Health Organization, it consists of the insertion of fine needles into specific points around the body to restore balance, whether either toning, sedating ...


Natural treatment without side effects

One of the main benefits of acupuncture is that it lacks side effects, which are  common in conventional drugs. Moreover, unlike Western medicine, it treats the individual as a whole and not only isolated illnesses and ailments.


Greater efficiency with less aggression

Acupuncture is one of the less aggressive and more effective and preventive techniques practiced .

Less is more, is key to understand that very few needles are needed for the body to know where to focus to restore balance.


Go to the source of the problem

The cornerstone of Natural Acupuncture is the assessment through the pulse, breathing, palpation and listening, where we observe the subconscious that form our internal organs. They point to the root cause of imbalance or illness, and guide us in the approach and selection of points to choose from. With this technique we correct the emotional source of the problem and not just the symptom.


With all the guarantees of health and safety

All materials are hypoallergenic and disposed of after each session.

Applied Kinesiology


Applied Kinesiology is a discipline that allows us to evaluate imbalances in a person, through muscle tone and functionality. Each organ is associated with an acupuncture meridian and several muscles. Through muscle testing we will identify the nature of the blocks, (stress, pain, lack of nutrients, toxicity, emotional disorders, mental disorders, learning disabilities, etc. . ) and apply the appropriate harmonization at the most appropriate level: Structural, nutritional, emotional or electromagnetic level.


Adjustments may be from the field of physiology, acupressure, flower essence, the change in perception of color, sound, etc. .


Kinesiology understands the human being as an open biological system which experiences challenges to overcome.


A poor resolution of the challenges creates stress in tissue memory, organs, the nervous system, etc. .  Non functional responses could be called unresolved stress factors.


The intervention of a kinesiologist releases stress and as a consequence, patients regulate themselves. Therefore, the kinesiologist seeks an ideal way to facilitate a change to allow self-regulation of the body and the human being.

- Nerve Entrapment

- Dysfunction in spinal segments

- Pain Management

- Neurological Disorganisation

- Viscerosomatic Reflexes

- Malnutrition

- Chemical toxicity, heavy metals.

- Intestinal Flora Imbalance and iliocecal valve

- Structural Conditions: Back pain or any other area, imbalance in the pelvis ... 

-Dysfunction in the production and circulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)

-Tensions in Meningeal Membranes

-Imbalanced Meridian System

-Effect on Vascular and Lymphatic System

-Difficulty with physical, mental and emotional stress

-Imbalance in brain hemispheres- Learning problems

-Hyperactivity- Attention Deficit Disorder

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (Austria 1,890 - 1,981 India), and is a holistic therapeutic system that integrates knowledge of Eastern and Western medical traditions. It is a therapeutic system designed to balance the underlying energy system (chakras, energy currents, oval fields, etc..).


Polarity Therapy believes that both the diseases of the mind as the physical body are accompanied by self-locking force or vital energy. Called "Prana", "Qi", "Chi", or just life energy, it is in its action where the basis of all healing therapeutic action lies. With Polarity Therapy you can diagnose which fields or energy patterns that are blocked and which are the energy resources of the patient. With proper protocol we can again restore the free flow of energy facilitating the recovery and healing process of the patient.


For Dr. R. Stone, health was not only a question of a good physical state, but: "The result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body."


Polarity Therapy consists of four interrelated consistent therapeutic treatment methods: Bodywork, Polarity Yoga, the cleansing diet and the mind-body process.


value. ​quality care. convenience.



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