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Japanese Facial Lifting

It improves and moisturizes the appearance of the skin, releases muscle tension and combats stress and anxiety. Since its origins, this ancient beauty technique has been one of the most prized in the search for well-being.

Good skin is synonymous with hydration, care, genetics and, above all, health. Maintaining a healthy mind is directly proportional to maintaining a healthy physical appearance. And in circumstances in which stress and anxiety are on the rise, it is essential to look for therapies and alternatives that balance head and mind to achieve, in equal parts and with full stability, physical and psychological well-being.

As far back as the 14th century, samurai returning from battle underwent therapies to help them relax their minds, boost their strength and calm their spirits. One of the techniques favored by these warriors was also Japan's oldest treatment, Kobido. This facial massage, which dates back to 1472, became years later the favorite therapy of Japanese empresses, first as a therapeutic way to alleviate pain and, later, also as a favorite technique to show off a beautiful face, free of imperfections and more rejuvenated.

Kobido, known as Japanese facial lifting without surgery, not only for beauty benefits like elevate, tone, illuminate, oxigenate and renew skin cells, but also for health benefits, like relieve stress, insomnia, migrain and bruxism, have gone beyond oriental borders.

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